Community Organizations

Brook Park is home to many great community organizations!

From supporting public safety with the Brook Park Neighborhood Watch, to encouraging the upkeep and maintenance of the city through the Beautification and Pride Committee, there is plenty to get involved in within the city!

Look below to find out more about the incredible organizations in our city!

Audrey's Outreach

Audrey’s Outreach was created by churches that bring people from all walks of life together by serving Jesus and the people in the surrounding communities through our outreach programs.

Beautification and Pride

The Beautification and Pride Committee exists to encourage and lead in beautifying the homes, businesses and public properties, and to promote and acknowledge the public display of pride in being a part of Brook Park.

Brook Park Boosters

The Brook Park Booster Club strives to benefit the children and families of Brook Park – and strives for ways to positively impact and give the children of our city the opportunities to help make their dreams come true.

Brook Park Neighborhood Watch

Works to develop sustainable block watch groups that will be an extension of the Brook Park safety forces while working hand in hand with the Brook Park Police and to help the city combat crime and resolve neighborhood issues.

Botanical Garden Club

The members of the club explore, promote and help create an active interest in our community through gardening by building on civic planting of flowers, trees and gardens in our community with the minimum of one annual project.

Khloe's Klub

Bringing children In our community together and giving them projects as something positive to do as groups as a great way for our youth to make new friends, build relationships between schools, and give our youth a positive and safe place to come for fun, laughs, smiles and friends.

Rosies Playhouse

Providing community-based support to children as they heal from the devastation of family addition by renewing their hope, joy and self-worth through learning, creativity and social bonds.