The Brook Park Association for Rebuilding Investment and Strengthening Economic Sustainability (ARISES) is a community development organization that aims to promote the development of new business and residency through a focus on ecosystem development and community engagement.

ARISES is born out of the need for fostering collaboration and providing a community resource dedicated to supporting small businesses and encouraging residency. It was originally conceptualized by Thomas Dufour in December of 2019 and was developed with inspiration from individuals from both Brook Park and beyond the state of Ohio.

ARISES has a few main goals and priorities:

a) Promote Brook Park Business Amenities, Businesses, and Organizations to increase visibility within Brook Park, and beyond.

b) Work to establish an economic ecosystem of local businesses which fosters and encourages collaboration.

c) Establish programs and initiatives to attract and activate investors, consumers, and residents to Brook Park and its establishments both existing and vacant.

d) Showcase community and encourage residency through the promotion of Brook Park’s liveability and community amenities that can attract new residents.

e) Provide for internal growth and maintenance of existing businesses by establishing grants, loans, and other funding programs for improvements to existing businesses.

Brook Park ARISES is an unincorporated organization that is community-driven and is not directly affiliated with or sponsored by the City of Brook Park or any elected official, campaign committee, or other political organization.