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Brook Park is an incredible community.  

We could make a list of all the great things about Brook Park ourselves, but we’ll fill this page with what our residents really think. With affordable houses, easy commutes, about a $10 Uber or Lyft to and from the airport, nearby schools, an excellent parks system, and more – there really is so much to love.

From concerned citizens to gardeners, and from people who’d go out of their way to help Brook Park’s youth, to people who clothe and feed the needy, and beyond – our community is filled with people who give back and whatever way they can.

Below, we’ll fill this page with what folks really love about our community.

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What Do You Love About Brook Park?

Our Schools

With new construction offering students new opportunities in a first-class facility, Brook Park’s schools are soon to be state of the art. Learn about our schools and what they mean for the future of our city.

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Restaurants & Nightlife

With plenty of dining options featuring cuisine from all over the world, to live music that will leave your ears ringing – Brook Park offers somewhere for everyone to be entertained!

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Our Parks

With 12 parks in 7.3 square miles, Brook Park is built for enjoying the great outdoors. From walking trails to pavillions for picnics, learn more about our amazing parks system.

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Our Community Organizations

We’re fortunate to have so many people and organizations making a difference in Brook Park. Learn about each of them and how they’re making an impact on our community.

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