GOAL REACHED! Special Needs Playground Equipment Project

The Cooper Foundation, a Brook Park Based non-profit organization, is raising funds to purchase and install ADA-friendly playground equipment in the city of Brook Park. By installing this playground equipment, the Cooper Foundation hopes to make Brook Park a more inclusive city, and make Brook Park an example for other cities to follow.

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Raised: $35k

of $35k Goal!

About the campaign

The Cooper Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 organization that is dedicated to “helping those with special needs reach their full potential.”

The Cooper Foundation approached the city of Brook Park in October of 2020 about working together to form a pilot program for constructing accessible playground equipment. By constructing the equipment, the Cooper Foundation hopes to bridge the accessibility gap within our regions playgrounds, while creating a space for parents of special needs children to take their kids to play.

With your help, we can make this dream a reality. Use the Donate Today link on this page to be directed to the Cooper Foundation’s website where you can find the Donate Now button to contribute to this worthy cause!

The Mission of the Cooper Foundation is to assist children and young adults with disabilities get the help they need. The assistance may be funding for therapy, a summer camp, or devices/equipment to help with everyday living. We want to provide the “extra help” these individuals need to reach their full potential.

Prospective Equipment

Sway Fun® Glider

The Sway Fun® Glider is the first wheelchair-accessible glider that meets all safety standards. A great choice for totally inclusive playground fun.

2-Bay ADA Platform Swing with JennSwing Seat

Provide a more accessible playground to children of all abilities when you install the 2-Bay ADA Platform Swing with JennSwing Seat. Made to last for decades, it offers safety to wheelchair-using children and adults as they swing the day away.

Rock’N Ship Glider

Sail across the high seas on your next exploring adventure in the Rock’N Ship Glider. Gentle swaying motion, wheelchair accessible glider meets all safety standards. With 70 sq. ft. of deck surface, there is ample room for wheelchairs – and several shipmates! Available as an independent event or link directly to a KidBuilders play system.