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Many local restaurants are struggling due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Find a list of those businesses along with their menus here.

Introducing, the ARISE Series

The ARISE Series is an ongoing publication of essays pertaining to Brook Park and its future.

Brook Park is a Place to Call Home.

Cradling the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, Brook Park, Ohio is nestled just outside of the Cleveland city limits, just beyond I-480. A proud blue-collar community, Brook Park has a celebrated history in creating things that move the entire world, from tanks during the second world war, engines for the Ford Motor Company, or new technologies at NASA’s Glenn Research Center – Brook Park has given the world what it needed to get where it was going.

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Brook Park’s Parks are State of the Art

With 12 parks in 7.3 square miles, Brook Park is built for enjoying the great outdoors.  From walking trails to pavillions for picnics, learn more about our amazing parks system.

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We’re working hard to develop programs that help promote local businesses and help our community. Be sure to learn more about the work we’re doing!

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From Live Music to Casual Taverns

With plenty of dining options featuring cuisine from all over the world, to live music that will leave your ears ringing – Brook Park offers somewhere for everyone to be entertained!

Buy Local!

There are plenty of great places in Brook Park to patronize. View our list here!

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We’re always looking for new residents to get involved in our movement. Find out how you can help Brook Park and Brook Park ARISES be all that it can be.

Latest from the Blog

The ARISES Blog seeks to highlight all of the great things going on in Brook Park while highlighting current events that impact the livability as well as the viability of the city from an economic perspective.

Article 1: Citizenship, Ergonomics, and The City of Brook Park

Article 1: Citizenship, Ergonomics, and The City of Brook Park

Building a city for cars is like building a house for a hammer. Cities are constructs that are built by people, for people. From paper to pavement, people develop their city's wordy charters, zoning laws, taxes, permits, and applications. People create layers upon...

Welcome to Brook Park ARISES

Welcome to Brook Park ARISES

This is the beginning of a new effort to reinvigorate the community of Brook Park through providing access to resources both regarding residency and economic development. The Brook Park Association for Rebuilding Investment and Strengthening Economic Sustainability...